Now You’re Cookin’—With Propane

From outdoor festivals to sporting events to office buildings, food trucks are everywhere these days helping people grab authentic and delicious food in minutes—all thanks to propane, and the chefs, of course!

Mobile restaurants are here to stay, so why not make them the best they can be? With the ability to cook over an open flame to get that perfect fire-filled flavor, propane is the best ingredient to help food trucks reliably cook all day long.

If you run a food truck in Cleveland, the Gas House Propane Corporation can help you line your truck up for success with the right tank configuration for your needs.


What To Consider When Choosing Your Tank(s) & How Long it Will Last.

  1. Determine the total BTU of all appliances running on propane in your food truck. You can find the BTU ratings in the owner’s manual of the appliance or on the rating plate attached to the appliance.
  2. Add the total BTUs for each appliance you have. Remember, the BTU rating on each appliance indicates 100% total running capacity. For example, all of your burners are running on high per hour.
  3. Next, divide the BTU capacity of the tank above by your total BTUs of all appliances. This number is how many hours your appliances run off the propane of one tank. (Double that number if you operate two tanks on your truck.)

Tank Sizes + BTU Capacity

  • 20 lb. propane tank has a 436,321 BTU capacity
  • 30 lb. propane tank has a 654,481 BTU capacity
  • 40 lb. propane tank has a 872,642 BTU capacity
  • 100 lb. propane tank has a 2,181,604 BTU capacity

Safety Tips
Important notes for anyone working your food truck:

Know how to shut the propane supply off

All staff who is working in or around the food truck must know how to shut all tanks off.

Understand the markings on your propane cylinder.

These may include symbols that show what type of tank you have, the original manufacture date, and the recertification date. The first recertification will take place after the tank is 12 years old, then it will need to be recertified every 5 years.

Know if your tank needs to be recertified.

When you bring your cylinder into our location to be filled, any tank that is out of date must be recertified. Recertification takes about 5 minutes.

Be familiar to the smell of propane.

We have pamphlets that can help your employees know the distinct odor of propane to help identify leaks.

Flammable liquids like cleaning agents or gasoline should not be near gas-burning equipment.

Fumes from these can get ignited by the pilot burner.

Know where the gas lines are located inside your truck.

This ensures they do not get damaged when moving any kitchen appliances. Also, check the connections to see if there are any leaks.

Never attempt to fix a leak yourself.

If you suspect a leak, shut the valves to your tank(s) off. If you cannot shut off the valve, call 911. Any appliance connected to a problematic cylinder must not be used until the leak is resolved or the cylinder has been replaced.

Need An Inspection?
We Do That, Too!

When the time comes for your yearly propane inspection, talk to us! We are the only authorized food truck inspection company for the Cleveland Fire Department.

Inspections begin March 1st. Don’t wait! Book your appointment now with the calendar below. You can also call to schedule your appointment directly. Appointments are simple and take only an hour. Please familiar yourself with very import information from Ohio Department of Commerce. This important information will help you pass our inspection as well as the inspection of your local fire department.

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