Propane-Powered Forklifts

Lift your production—with propane

Whether you’re operating a small warehouse or even a larger distribution center, forklifts are crucial to keeping spaces moving quickly, efficiently, and safely. They are essential toward getting the job done—and done right. Propane-powered forklifts can help be your center’s ideal solution. They offer many benefits over diesel-powered forklifts from lower costs to lower emissions.
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Save More Money

Costing you less than diesel fuel, propane can significantly reduce operating costs year over year. But that’s not all. A typical propane model forklift even costs less money up front and reduces maintenance costs for repairs.

Easy & Convenient

Propane cylinders are replaced in minutes, resulting in much less downtime and your team can be back up in running in no time. And delivery is convenient—have your tanks delivered when you need it, so you can switch out cylinders quicker. Let propane power your productivity.

Lower Emissions

Producing fewer greenhouse gases and lower carbon content than diesel-powered forklifts, propane gives your team a versatile solution that’s better for the environment. Safe for indoor or outdoor use, they operate cleaner, quieter, and safer in any setting.

Proven Power

Unlike battery-powered forklifts, which start loosening performance within just a few hours, with one 33.5 LB propane cylinder, a propane forklift will operate at 100% power throughout a typical 8-hour workday. Also, electric forklifts take hours to fully recharge.