Cut Your Lawnmowing Competition—with Propane

In recent years, the pivot from gas-powered mowers has occurred because of cost savings and environmental concerns. But what if there was an even better option that saved you time, money, and even helped burn cleaner and run longer? Then propane-powered lawnmowers are your answer.

Lower Labor

For any crew, downtime means trips to the gas station before, during, or after the workday. On-site propane refueling is more convenient, faster, and less expensive altogether, making you more efficient—so the time working is spent doing work. Calculate how much you could save with the Mower Cost Calculator from

A More Secure Source of Fuel

Propane is a much better fuel source compared to gas. Liquid gasoline spills often, resulting in wasted money and greater potential for risk of igniting. Gas also can flood equipment, letting grease buildup shut down your efficiency. Propane is easier to handle, store, and refuel for the best closed-loop fuel system. And we always deliver your propane orders directly to you in special lawn mower cylinders.

Clean Means

  • Reduces hydrocarbon emissions by nearly 70%
  • Propane is listed as an approved alternative fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 2005
  • Propane is nontoxic & nonpoisonous fuel; therefore will not contaminate soil or water